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Garden and Irrigation design

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Water features, design and creation of water gardens

The presence of water in any environment creates a special atmosphere and it helps us to relax and unwind in a different way, so we put these elements in the landscape whenever possible.

We design and build water features by own original designs, of different styles and forms, with moving or stagnant water and their combination. Here are some examples:



- lakes, ponds, swamps, pools




- beaches, banks, wells


- tanks, cisterns, reservoirs

- stone and prefabricated concrete or fiber fountains


- natural or naturally looking swimming pools




Salto de agua

- waterfalls, cascades, falls, jumps of water, cataracts, channels, wet walls




Salto de agua

- streams, creeks, brooks, vertical and horizontal fountains



Fuente redonda 







- bridges, owerflows, runnels, jets, geysers, weirs



Riachuelo y lago

- combined water features






Items can be formal, with well-defined geometries, but also informal, with a very natural look.


The water is welcome in any garden, it is appreciated by birds and other species by their abundant presence throughout the year.




To achieve a good purity of the water, we use circulation and filtration systems that are customized to each situation.




Our customers get a quotation and a design of their water feature consisting of:

- a detailed 2D colour drawing with specification of used aquatic plants

- 3D visualizations that represent the appearance of the water element after its creation


There are more images of water gardens in our gallery.