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How much will I save by reforming my irrigation system?

Projects on saving water and energy in irrigation

This application estimates the potential savings in water and energy that can be achieved by performing a reform of existing irrigation systems. Just fill in the form fields inside the gray background and then click on the 'Evaluate' button situated below.

The 'basic reform' of an irrigation system is related to an implementation of systems based on continuous and automatic setting of watering times using smart sensors and controllers. The 'full reform' optimizes the irrigation system in its entirety, including adjustments, installing or changing irrigation emitters, pipes, pumps, filters, valves, adding water leak detectors and other components to the watering system.

The results should be taken as an approximation. To evaluate exact savings a detailed study will be required for each system.

The simulation is programmed according to the weather conditions of the Mediterranean coast (mean annual temperature: 17 ºC, annual rainfall: 400 mm), however it gives acceptable results for many interior areas.

If you need to save water and energy, you can contact us here. Our specialists will visit you and work out a customized proposal (without any obligation for customers within Mallorca).

Applying just small improvements significant savings can be obtained. Besides saving money, saving water and energy means respecting the environment and all others.

How many months a year is the irrigation ON?

How often do you set the optimal watering times?

Do you turn OFF the irrigation during rainy days?

Do you have a water tank with a pump?

Do you have a deep well with a pump?

Please, enter the lawn surface in square meters

Which type of irrigation is used for the lawn?

The area covered by plants in square meters

Which type of irrigation is used for the plants?

Price of 1 m3 of water in your municipality (in Euros)

Price for 1 kWh of electric energy (in Euros)

Which kind of irrigation reform do you prefer?

¿How many m3 of water is spent per year? Leave 0 if unknown

Potential water savings
Saved money on water
Potential energy savings

Saved money on electricity

(*3) Avoided CO2 emissions
You have to fill in the fields above and then click the button 'Evaluate' in the lower part. Decimal digits are separated with the point.
All values ​​entered by the user remain in his/her computer, since the application was created in JavaScript.

(*1) To obtain this result, please, enter the amount of water spent per year
(*2) Due to the presence of a well, water savings are not evaluated in currency
(*3) Spending less water means avoiding this amount of emissions. A contribution caused by the public water supply decrement is also included, except systems with private wells
(*4) If no well either tank is presented then no pumps are used and no electricity is consumed. And the water supply seems to be public
(*5) Is not recommended to water directly using the well pump, since the pump's life could be shortened considerably
An average depth of the well used for the calculations is 120 meters.

The calculations are based on the methods of saving water and energy published in our book 'Riego en 3 pasos (Irrigation in three steps)'.
Developed by, 2012. It is not allowed to publish the application by other sites without the knowledge of the authors.


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