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Calculator: Rainwater collection and evaporation from reservoirs

To estimate the amount of rainwater that can be captured, we need to know the normal climatological values​​, in particular, the average annual rainfall which is measured in millimeters (equals to liters per square meter).

If there is no exact local value, in Spain, for instead, we can get an approximation from the Meteorological Agency. After selecting the location, precipitation appears in the column marked with letter R.

Once you're there, you can record the value of mean annual temperature (the column bellow T) that will be used to estimate the evaporation.

In addition, we have to know the collecting surface (roof, parking, pool, sporting court...), the height above sea level and the storage reservoir surface area (for uncovered ones).

Average annual rainfall
Average annual temperature
Collecting area
  Reservoir surface*
Height above sea level
Rainwater captured per year

Evaporated from reservoir per year

Available water per year

The application estimates the volume of collected rainwater and the evaporation from an uncovered lake per year.
* 0 is entered for covered water tanks
To learn more about water capturing and recycling projects, it is recommended to read the book 'Irrigation in 3 steps'.
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