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Zanja de riego

Irrigation, landscaping and other courses

We give courses of irrigation, landscaping and some other sectors. There are different levels for amateurs and professionals. Due to an increasing demand, the range of topics is expanding gradually. At presence, following courses are organized cyclically (in Spanish):

Riego Nivel 1 - Principiantes, descargar folleto

Riego Nivel 2 - Avanzados, descargar folleto

Riego Nivel 3 - Profesionales, descargar folleto

Riego Nivel 4 - Diseñadores, descargar folleto

Elementos acuáticos - diseño y creación, descargar folleto

Energía solar térmica para fincas, descargar folleto

AuraSoma - sistema de colores, descargar folleto

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Estanque de obra

In addition, we organize customized courses for professionals.

It is a one-day intensive course (10 hours) organized in any place in Spain, after mutual agreement with the applicant. The content is always adapted to the specific interests of clients, from beginners to advanced levels. We work with groups that typically have between 6 and 12 students. The course is taught by our professional in the field, with theoretical and practical experiences, the author of the book 'Irrigation in 3 steps'.


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