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Garden and Irrigation design

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Image gallery of landscaping projects, gardens, plants, building and water elements...

In the photos there are examples of some our projects. Although they come in different categories, it is impossible to separate the designs strictly, because, for example, a water feature usually has some aspects of a building or garden one and it is always an essential part of the landscape. Within the last paragraph there are some of the plants the we employ.

We have many more images, if you would like to receive pictures of any category in particular, we could send them to you through e-mail.


Landscaping projects

Mañana en el parque Espacios abiertos Paisaje a la natural Una mañana de otoño
Paisaje con elementos modernos Jardín de una casa de campo Jardín natural Otoño en el jardín


Garden projects

Jardín urbano Jardín de finca Jardín de campo Jardín urbano
Jardín residencial Jardín urbano Jardín japonés Jardín de campo


Water features

Fuente de obra Riachuelo de piedra Estanque formal Lago grande
Estanques naturales Cascada Fuente de piedra Pequeña cascada
Riachuelo con puente Pared de agua Pared de agua Estanque de jardín


Building and mixed elements

Escalera con cascada Escalera con jardineras Terrazas y riachuelo Mosaico de estrella
Estanque y riachuelo formales Escalones de césped Escalones de piedra Terraza de piedra


Some of the plant species that we use

Miscanthus Coreopsis Agapanthus Callistemon
Cycas Pennisetum Nymphaea Acer