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Garden and Irrigation design

Editorial of the book 'Riego en 3 pasos'

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Who we are, what and how we do it...

Our company LOTUS MALLORCA, S.L. has been providing services to clients since 1998. Our activities consist of:

- saving water and energy using irrigation systems, read more

- landscaping projects, design and creation, read more

- garden architecture (designing and creating garden projects, supplies of plants and materials), read more

- water features (natural swimming pools, streams, waterfalls, reservoirs, lakes, ponds), read more

- outdoor building structures (hardscape): porches, verandas, walkways, walls, stairs, terraces, read more

- irrigation systems (design, calculations, supply and installation), read more

- reforming ancient gardens, ask for more information

- optimization of water consumption, water saving tips and recycling, rainwater, related applications and calculators, read more

- reforms, repairs and renewals of obsolete watering systems, read more

- editorial and distribution of an irrigation manual 'Riego en 3 pasos', read more

- irrigation, landscape and other educational courses, read more

- flower decoration for weddings, celebrations, feasts and events, read more

We are recognized by providing a quality service, flexibility and warranty.