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Jardín de campo

Garden architecture, projects and creation of gardens

This activity represents for us the central pillar of the whole landscaping creation work as it beautifies and brings life into the environment.

We completely create gardens and parks in various places and of many different styles, as:

Jardín romántico


- romantic, wild, natural garden




Jardín mediterráneo

- Mediterranean garden



Jardín estilo inglés

- English style, Italian, Japanese, Arabic garden





Jardín estilo moderno

- classic, traditional, formal, modern, minimalist garden



Jardín Feng Shui

- Feng Shui garden




- roof, terrace, balcony, indoor, patio, courtyard, backyard, community, garden


Jardín en bancales

- vertical, facade, slope, embankments, planters, pots



- urban, residential, villa, cottage, country house, hotel garden, golf, chill out garden

Césped resistente


- drought-resistant grasses, normal lawns, grasslands, natural meadows with flowers



The gardens are created using materials and plants of good quality and warranty. The composition of space, scale, colours and shapes are harmonized with the tastes, interests and needs of the client.

Although we create gardens completely, we can also provide just a design, project and consultancy, as some people rather build the garden on their own. This service is also available remotely (through Internet).

Our clients receive a complete garden project that consists of:

Planos en 2D


- a detailed colour 2D drawing usually in a scale 1:100, including a description of the used plants


Visualización en 3D

- 3D visualizations that represent the appearance of the garden after its creation and plantation


- detailed quotation and CD-ROM with graphic and technical information


There are more images of gardens in our gallery.

Jardín de patio