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Libro de riego

Irrigation book: RIEGO en 3 PASOS (Irrigation in 3 Steps)

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New modern residential irrigation guide, with its 185 illustrations, 193 tables, many schemes, installation and design details, has become a useful tool for those who work in the irrigation sector, but also for those who want to start.

This comprehensive irrigation manual is suitable for all levels of experience: amateurs, students, installers, designers and irrigation professionals.

This versatile watering encyclopedia in its 320 pages summarizes practically all issues, including the latest ones, so that anyone can design and install his/her watering system from the beginning.

Complete name of the book: 'Riego en 3 pasos. Guía práctica. Cómo ahorrar agua y energía'

Translation of the title: 'Irrigation in 3 steps. Practical Guide. How to save water and energy'

ISBN: 978-84-613-9430-2

Authors of the text and illustrations: Marián Babušík, Marián Bíro

Published by: Lotus Mallorca, S.L., 2011

Language: Spanish

EDITORIAL WANTED: We look for a publisher for the English version of the book. Applicants, please, contact here.