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Design, calculations and installation of new irrigation systems

Visit our new simulator of water and energy savings for existing irrigation system

In the Mediterranean climate it is almost essential to provide the garden with a good irrigation system. Due to climate changes, this requirement extends to other regions, especially during periods of heat and drought. Therefore we equip the gardens with automatic irrigation systems that are always custom made respecting the needs of used plants. Moreover, before designing a garden, we analyze plant species suitable for the site, taking in account the available water resources and its quality.

There are many ways how to install garden watering, we always chase for a system that meets the needs of the landscape and we make it as discrete as possible not to disturb any view. Some types of irrigation and its control are given below.

Riego por aspersión

- sprinkling irrigation system with rotatory sprinklers



Riego po aspersión

- sprinkler irrigation system with fixed sprayers



Riego por goteo

- drip irrigation system, pipes with integrated drippers





Programador con electroválvulas

- controllers and electric valves, central automatic irrigation control, rain and weather sensors, smart systems that adjust watering times automatically



Filtro de anillas para riego

- irrigation filtration systems, mesh, sand and ring filters, filters equipped with backwash system





- fertirrigation equipments to fertilize plants through the watering system





Our clients receive a complete irrigation project that consists of:

Plano de riego

- a detailed 2D drawing with a description of used components




Pérdidas de carga

- schemes of irrigation devices, calculations that justify the design, evaluation of pressure losses



Consumo de agua

- personalized user maintenance manual, water consumption and optimal watering run times



- personalized tips on saving water and energy for the particular irrigation system



Reforms of existing and obsolete watering systems

Irrigation devices are in continuous development and their innovative properties save much more water than ever. As the price of water tends to rise, its saving is becoming increasingly popular, without mentioning here the ecological reasons that are pretty important as well.

A thorough reform, however, in many cases just a simple reparation or cheap adjustment of the system, may conclude into amazing results. There is an additional effect of these adjustments, you get additional savings on electricity bills. Precisely, this is what we do, the procedure consists of:  

- examine the system, irrigation emitters, pumps, piping, valves, fittings and other components

- detect possible leaks and fix them

- check the watering times adjustment

- work out a study how we could achieve additional savings and quantify them in currency

- compile a customized list of tips on saving water and energy within the irrigation system


Simulation of savings on water and energy in existing irrigation systems


There is more information on irrigation issues and water saving in our book section and applications.


Plano de riego