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Calculator: Pressure loss and linear flow velocity in pipes for water

Pérdidas de presión en tubos

Flow rate
Inner diameter
Pipe material

Pressure loss [bar]

Linear velocity [m/s]

The application evaluates the pressure losses in pipes in turbulent regime. You have to fill in 4 fields above (flow rate, diameter, material and length of the tube) and then click on 'Calculate'.
Regarding the linear flow velocity, you should not exceed the values ​​of 1.5 m/s (PET and PVC), 0.8 m/s (copper) and 1.0 m/s (steel), respectively, to avoid adverse effects in hydraulic lines.
The application was created using formulas from the book 'Irrigation in 3 steps'.
Powered by www.lotusmallorca.com, 2011. It is allowed to use this application by other websites only if this source is mentioned.


Click here to estimate the inner diameter and maximum flow rate.

Pérdidas de presión en tubos